The SoapyRao Show

Questions to life’s answers

Hosted by Sundeep Rao aka SoapyRao

Sundeep Rao is a partially blind standup comedian with a more serious disability - the ability to unscrupulously dis himself and everyone around him! This has allowed the world to be his stage, with over 600 trail-blazing performances from Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore to New York, Edinburgh, Singapore, and beyond! His performances have left audiences in splits ranging from comedy specials and high-profile engagements to award ceremonies, international summits, and corporate events. He has been invited to speak at several TEDx events to share his inspiring story of fighting the odds and building something for himself. His voice and wit also led him to explore Radio on a prime-time show, a talent he took to the world of podcasting on his Spotify original Life Gone Wrong Podcast and now The SoapyRao show!

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by Sundeep Rao - 516 episodes

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