Chalk Radio

Chalk Radio is an MIT OpenCourseWare podcast about inspired teaching at MIT. We take you behind the scenes of some of the most interesting courses on campus to talk with the professors who make those courses possible. Our guests open up to us about the passions that drive their cutting-edge research and innovative teaching, sharing stories that are candid, funny, serious, personal, and full of insights. Listening in on these conversations is like being right here with us in person under the MIT dome, talking with your favorite professors. And because each of our guests shares teaching materials on OCW, it's easy to take a deeper dive into the topics that inspire *you.* If you're an educator, you can make these teaching materials your own because they're all openly-licensed. Hosted by Dr. Sarah Hansen. Season 3 starts Fall 2021.

by MIT OpenCourseWare - 23 episodes

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