The Darwin 2009 Festival

The Darwin 2009 Festival, 5-10 July 2009, celebrated the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth and the sesquicentenary of the publication of his most famous book, On the Origin of Species. About 1500 people attended the core Festival and at least the same number again attended the related exhibitions, tours and fringe events during the week. The programme comprised over 70 separate events and included 110 outstanding speakers. Intended to appeal to a broad audience, from academics to teenagers, the Festival covered a highly varied range of topics. The Festival encapsulated the current state of understanding of evolution. It addressed the agreements and disagreements; it revealed how far we have come and the possibilities and choices that may face us in the future. Video recordings of all the morning sessions listed by day, can be found on these web pages. Each session commences with a quote from Darwin’s correspondence. This is followed by two talks of around 25 minutes each. These are followed by presentations from 4 panellists each taking around 8 minutes. A selection of audio recordings of talks from the afternoon sessions can also be found on these pages. The full programme and abstract booklet for the Festival can be down loaded at