The Empowering Series with Zarina Poonawalla

The Empowering Series is a podcast by Zarina Poonawalla on the IVM Podcasts Network. The show is about celebrating journeys, challenges and empowering stories from all walks of life. Every Thursday, Zarina brings a fresh conversation with prolific, handpicked guests who share their perspective as Zarina interviews them with her engaging style. Every Monday, She shares a life hack or a tool that could enhance our way of life in her short format episode of Monday Mantras to take away those Monday blues. Zarina and her organization (Abbzoh Expertise Unique) constantly aims at building leaders across the globe. She believes that every individual has unleashed potential and all we need is to tap into it to enhance the quality of life, relationships and professions. The very essences of her coaching sessions and seminars are self-realization, potential maximization, leadership, positivity embracing happiness. Tune in every Monday and Thursday for riveting conversations and a weekly dose of life and work hacks.

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