Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama Show - Health & Mindset Coaching, Cycle Syncing, Flow Living for Working Moms

Top podcast for women, wives and mothers who are ready to ditch the burnout and step into their most Confident, Energized and Passionate self! Dorit Palvanov, a registered holistic nutritionist, cycle-syncing expert and femininity mentor helps mothers reclaim their time and energy and live a life of flow from the inside out. On this show, you will learn about creating a flow in your body, flow in your home, flow in your marriage, and flow in your mothering. LIFE OF FLOW is what Dorit is obsessed about in everything she does, be and has. This is what she wants for her three daughters and for every single woman out there. DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?! Think about this: How would the world look like if you were taught to have it all - the family, career and health without mom guilt, shame or sacrifice? How would life feel like if you had control over your time again even while raising children, nurturing an exceptional marriage and running a successful business? What impact would you have on your daughters who grow up to understand themselves, their female body, their sexuality, and their female psyche? What if we raised women who owned their feminine flow instead of rejecting it, being disgusted by it, pretending like it doesn't exist or medicating it (starting from mama to daughter). God + Goddess + Flow + Spirituality + Mindset + Health + Cycle Syncing + A-Life-Free-From-Mom-Guilt Sprinkled In! Learn -> Connect -> Community -> Work with Dorit ->

by Dorit Palvanov - 173 episodes

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