Affirmation Pod

Feeling down? Need to overcome negative self-talk? Get soothing affirmations to boost your mental health!  In those moments when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or lost, Affirmation Pod is your sanctuary of support. Hosted and produced by Josie Ong, Affirmation Pod gives you affirmations for confidence, comfort and success. Josie's words embrace you like a warm embrace, reminding you that you are not alone and that brighter days are ahead.  With millions of downloads and over 10 years of publishing, Josie's comforting voice offers a beacon of hope, empathy, courage, and wisdom for every season of life. Join the global community of listeners who have found solace, inspiration, and transformation through Josie's affirmations. If you want to try the ad-free experience, get your three month free trial of premium access at