Health Via Modern Nutrition with Dr. Latt Mansor

What is the key to peak human performance? How can we achieve our ultimate metabolic potential? If you are searching for the answers to these questions, so are we. We are H.V.M.N. Join Dr. Latt Mansor, Research Lead at H.V.M.N and consultant to the world’s top performers, as he explores the limits of human optimization. What's the evidence behind today's hottest nutritional strategies, such as the ketogenic diet? Is there a benefit to skipping breakfast and intermittent fasting? Could the carnivore diet correct autoimmune conditions? Are there ways we can manipulate our biological "clock" and extend the human lifespan? Subscribe today and become a part of the community looking to fine-tune the human experience.

by Latt Mansor (H.V.M.N.) - 649 episodes

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