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How do we connect? What makes a mutually satisfying relationship? What are other people into? This is not erotica—these are real human stories. Guests share details of their personal lives and/or work to add emotional context to the confusing experience of attempting to relate to other human beings. The goal? To learn from and more deeply understand one another through exchanges of personal wisdom and experience. The focus is always connection and intimacy in our modern world: relationships, dating, friendship, cultural “norms” and taboos. Conversations explore vulnerability, shame, desire, pleasure, celebration, creative bucket lists, fantasy play spaces, irresistible invitations and so much more. Listen and share to co-create the story-based, connection-first sex ed we never got­—but will all definitely benefit from. Share a voice memo or written story, see X Story question lists and apply to be a guest or work with wyoh via xstoriespodcast.com. Follow us on our new instagram: .instagram.com/xstoriespod Created and hosted by Wyoh Lee | wyohlee.com Edited and produced by the amazing Kimberly Loftus | email Original title: “Sex Stories” (Dec 2018-Jan 2024).

by Wyoh Lee - 2920 episodes

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