My Best Healer

Welcome to My Best Healer Podcast, your gateway to the realms of healing, hypnotherapy, and quantum medicine. Join us as we explore topics ranging from self-healing techniques to nurturing the growth of your practice. I'll be sharing the latest insights, experiences, and expertise that resonate with your heart, soul, and mind. Feel free to spread the knowledge because it reflects your genuine concern.

I'm your host, Ezzat Moghazy, a doctor and hypnotherapist passionate about imparting knowledge and implementing personalized solutions for positive self-talk, self-worth, relationship enhancement, and stress/anxiety management within the quantum field and the realm of unconscious mind power.

Prepare to be inspired by fearless thought leaders who have successfully navigated this transformative journey. Remember, you're not alone in your mission to change the world. Tune in and become an integral part of our community of integrative healing arts professionals, embracing your role as a healing practitioner and self-healer.