American Sex

Changing America’s dysfunctional relationship with sex one laugh at a time, this award-winning podcast gets to the meat of what fuels our deepest, darkest turn-ons. Sex isn't just sex; it’s about everything – identity, power, politics, taboos, and the shame our culture thrives on. Recognizing how these elements seep into our bedrooms makes all the kinky, “weird” stuff we’re secretly into seem not so weird after all. Host Sunny Megatron is an acclaimed Clinical Sexologist, BDSM Educator, and Showtime TV host. Equal parts hilarious and informative, Sunny & her guests serve up real talk about kink, polyamory, sexual ethics, and more. From practical sex tips to candid conversations on sexual empowerment to the war on reproductive rights and sexual freedom, each topic is approached with a lightheartedness that’s second to none. On American Sex Podcast, Kink is Customizable™ and education is the new punk rock. The personal is undeniably political and tinkle-your-pants laughter is the antidote to sexual shame. Together, we’re on a mission to harness the power in our pleasure, embrace the subversion in our perversion, and challenge the puritanical, backward-ass views on sex that are as American as apple pie. ----- Visit & for more ------ Submit your sex questions by email: TikTok: @SunnyMegatron, Twitter: @AmericanSexPod, Intsa: @AmericanSexPodcast, Patreon: All Links: American Sex Podcast is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact

by Sunny Megatron | Pleasure Podcasts - 823 episodes

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