Agla Station Adulthood with Rytasha & Ayushi

On Agla Station Adulthood, best friends Rytasha Rathore and Ayushi Amin ride through the various stations of life. Whether you're in your mid-twenties, just entering them, or about to cross into the next decade, there seem to be a bunch of issues that we're all going through. After all, nobody is perfect. We've had first jobs, second jobs, we've blown our paychecks, and invested a little too. Half of us even moved into our own place. We swiped right, we swiped left, we've loved, we've been left and we loved again. Basically, we've done a lot of things, but we're not experts at anything. Rytasha and Ayushi have learnt a few things along the way which they're happy to share with you.

by IVM Podcasts - 305 episodes

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