Melody Cheng, Helen Wu-Wang, and Janet Wang are the co-creators of AsianBossGirl, a multimedia company for the modern day Asian-American woman. AsianBossGirl was founded to share their experiences as 9-to-5 professional working women, balancing careers, social lives, cultural identities, and personal development while living in the city of Los Angeles. What started as a passion project podcast has turned into a multi-media business that they now run full-time. On their platforms, you’ll find conversations about the nuanced experience of being an Asian American woman navigating the corporate world as a person of color, mental and emotional health as children of immigrants, interviews with inspiring Asian women (and men), and even blind dates recorded on the mic. Their mission is to make everyday Asian-American women feel heard, seen, and connected.

by Melody, Helen, and Janet - 1284 episodes

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