Midlifers with Salone Mehta | Mirchi

MIDLIFERS is a slice of (mid) life show, with interesting guests from all walks of life: actors, directors, musicians, investment bankers, foodies and more. The one thing they have in common-an earned space, through tedious and not so tedious years of living. You must be forty or above to qualify! It’s is a freewheeling chat format, where our guests get to rant, rave, reflect and ponder about their life, their choices, the moments of glory and the moments of pain. This wisdom is not one you will hear in any class room, as our guests share stories, anecdotes and incidents that life has thrown at them, as they explain every line, groove, wrinkle, grey hair and the tale behind them. We delve into regrets, realizations, rebellion, road not taken and the road ahead. Midlifers is hosted by Salone Mehta. With a training in Opera from The Julliard School of the Performing Arts, Salone has a background in radio, journalism, music and theatre. Salone currently resides in Mumbai with her husband and two boys and runs her theatre company, The Artistes Studio.