911 Calls Podcast

The 911 Calls Podcast: Shock, Chuckle, and Aww with The Operator & Jess
11:59 Media, The Operator, and Jess bring you another masterpiece for your earballs: The "911 Calls Podcast".

Traverse the intense landscape of real-life 911 calls from around the globe, expertly dissected and presented to you ... along with a healthy dose of jibber jabber. Each episode is a rollertoaster of emotions. Brace yourself as the "shock call" sends chills down your headphones, stirring the deepest corners of your corners. Then, as you're still grappling with the intensity and reeling from the jibber, Jess and The Operator cleanse your emotional palette with a lighter 911 call and some jabber that will, undoubtedly, tug at your heartstrings or tickle your funny bone.

Whether it's a heart-wrenching cry for help or a bizarrely endearing emergency about a cat stuck in a toaster, this podcast offers a unique blend of the profound and the playful. With an endless trove of 911 calls to explore, The Operator and Jess promise years of gripping episodes for your listening pleasure. Tune in as your earballs are in for a treat - a blend of shock, chuckle, and aww!

by 11:59 Media - 771 episodes

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