A Bar Above Podcast

Once upon a time… a cocktail lover married a bartender. Together, they created a mixology course, a craft cocktail educational website, a podcast, and eventually a premium barware brand! Sounds fun, doesn't it? Chris and Julia Tunstall created A Bar Above to help bar professionals and cocktail enthusiasts everywhere master their craft, get the ideal tools they need, and connect with other like-minded cocktail lovers. Join them as they discuss all things cocktails, including techniques, recipes, industry trends, news, and so much more! Whether you’re a long-time professional behind the bar, just starting out, or even a home cocktail enthusiast, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot and have fun while doing it. Make sure you hit that “Follow” button! Cheers!

by Chris Tunstall - Bartender, Mixologist a Drink Designer and Julia Tunstall - 117 episodes

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