Craft Beer Radio Podcast

Craft Beer Radio used to be the show for beer lovers who want to learn more about the world of craft beer. Each week, hosts Jeff and Greg brought you interviews with brewers,reviews of new releases, and tips on how to enjoy your favorite brews. CBR, a staple on iPods and Zunes since 2005 abruptly and stopped in 2019. The break was a mystery for years but then the news came out, the heavy toll exacted on Jeff and Greg for influencing the Hazy IPA Craze caused them to have to come to terms with how their awesome power and responsibility ruined craft beer.. It took years to get over this trauma. Starting in 2023 they kicked off new episodes of Craft Beer Radio with a brand new co-host. Shannon Bearer. But there is a catch… Gone is the primary mission of educating people on craft beer. There are younger podcasters with more hustle out there doing that better than we care to do. We’re back just for funsies and the show will reflect that. Imagine something akin to all post show all the time. That’s what you’ll get in The New Craft Beer Radio.