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My name is Bryan Wish. I’m an entrepreneur, CEO, and pathfinder. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that self-discovery is a critical part of living intentionally, building meaningful relationships, and achieving the future we see for ourselves. In July of 2021, I sold all of my possessions, headed west, and began a quest to live a fuller and more meaningful life. The experience helped me truly understand the power of a single moment. And through my conversations with leaders from all walks of life, I’ve seen how that one phone call, heartbreak, diagnosis, or lost job can transform the entire course of our lives. In this podcast, I sit down with entrepreneurs, influencers, and experts across industries to talk through the events that changed everything. Together, we’ll relive the make-or-break decisions, hard conversations, periods of despair and hope, chance encounters—and everything that followed. Follow Bryan Wish: Join our Mission:

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