Ellevate Network: Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business

On the Ellevate Podcast you’ll meet women+ having a real impact. Entrepreneurs, authors, business women, and other inspiring leaders share their experience and takeaways from their careers. Host Margye Solomon and producer Megan Oliver interview female leaders to showcase the immense talent these women bring to the table. The Ellevate Podcast is your go-to resource for exploring the latest trends and developments in the business world. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or somewhere in between, you'll find actionable advice and insights to help you take your career and business to the next level. Join us for engaging conversations about women in business, success stories, and more! Tune in to The Ellevate Podcast and find out how you can make a difference in the world of business today! - Ellevate Network is a community of professional women+ committed to helping each other succeed. We use the power of community to help you take the next step in your career. We show up for each other, helping everyone — no matter their background or aspirations — build a career they love. And, more importantly, we mobilize our collective power to change the culture of business. Although our community is the largest of its kind, we know that navigating a sea of faceless connections is a waste of time. That’s why, at Ellevate, we prioritize the real, authentic relationships that can change your situation, can make a difference in your future. We help women+ build meaningful local and digital relationships that can offer insights and open doors. Our community has reach, power and influence, while still remaining warm, welcoming and supportive. Ellevate is where change makers cultivate their voice, build bridges to understand, and mobilize for impact. We work with leading companies to help them hire, retain, and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organizations. - Ellevate Network (formerly known as 85 Broads) was started in 1997 by Janet Hanson, one of the first women to be promoted to sales management at Goldman Sachs. Janet, who had taken a leave from work, found herself (like many of us do at one time or another) in need of some clarity, and wondering “what’s next?” She realized quickly that in order to gain the insights she needed and build a new path, she needed people who could shed some light. And that’s how 85 Broads came to life — an unofficial network for women who worked or had worked at Goldman Sachs. The name, 85 Broads, was a reference to Goldman Sach’s old headquarters located at 85 Broad Street in New York City. The network quickly expanded to include women in other companies and in all industries. The network was rebranded to Ellevate Network in 2014, reflecting the evolution of the community from its finance roots to a more widely diverse group of ambitious, powerful, supportive, and kind women who believe that, together, we can change the culture of business.

by Margye Solomon and Megan Oliver - 756 episodes

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