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Content content everywhere but only 24 hours in a day to watch. That is the truth about Netflix. The biggest giant in streaming television, Netflix, serves 190 countries with a subscriber base of 148 million. We all will agree that we can’t keep up with the streamer’s torrent of programming. So yes, Netflix fatigue is real. We are stuck with a never-ending, ever-updated stream of new entertainment feeding us programming that veers between a bit of what we like and a lot of what they want us to like. But then complaining about content overdose is like complaining about the weather. It’s there and there’s almost nothing any of us can do about it. Not to worry! Tenflix is here! Tenflix is a podcast by Somak, a radio jockey in Kolkata and a true-blue Netflix Fan. This podcast is your ready reckoner for the best shows on Netflix India. In each episode, Somak will take you through his ten most favorite shows in different genres and literally help you 'Netflix and Chill’.

by RJ Somak - 6 episodes

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