Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

This is a fitness, nutrition, and health podcast for women. RKC and NASM coach, Kindal Boyle talks anything and everything about helping you get results from your workouts, get inspired for new fitness challenges, to build strength and find a passion for living a healthy life beyond burning calories. More than that, she seeks out and interviews the best guests you can imagine. Not only celebrities, the best trainers, but real women and success stories. There is so much to learn from real women that are not paid to lose weight and get fit like celebrities are. And that's one reason why we wanted to create this podcast. It's laid back and will feel as if you're just talking with your girlfriends as you learn about amazing fat burning workouts, techniques, and fundamentals that actually work. I really hope you enjoy it.

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by Kindal Boyle - 106 episodes

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