The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience

The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast features Drew and Lynn Manning of and They bring their unique perspective on health and fitness to the podcasting world. Drew gained international media attention from his journey of gaining and losing 75 lbs. on purpose by blogging and writing a NY Times Best Selling book about it (Fit2Fat2Fit) and his wife, Lynn, is a women's fitness specialist, but is also an admitted "foodie". With this unique balance they dive into why diets don't work. People lose weight only to gain it back. Why does it seem so hard? Because focusing on just nutrition and exercise is missing the mark. Overall health and wellness is key to long-term success and often our industry neglects this. They answer your questions and interview leaders in the industry to share secrets about real transformation and long term success. Change comes from the inside out so join us on this journey!

by Drew Manning - 394 episodes

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