Going Beyond the Food: Intuitive Eating, Body Neutrality, Diet Culture, Mindset and Anti-Diet Podcast

Always dieting? You're not the problem - in fact you are the solution in the making. The real problem is everything that you’ve been told about food, weight, and you're worth as a woman. You didn't fail. Diets failed you... and it's time to break free! This non-diet podcast is hosted by Stephanie Dodier Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and creator of the Going Beyond The Food Method™️ this podcast will explore with you solutions to liberate yourself. Enters the solution: intuitive eating, body neutrality and mindset. We will undiet our lives together! Going Beyond The Food is the feminist approach to food and body image struggles for women. We live in a world dominate by diet culture and patriarchy, with its relentless pressure to be thin, keeping women from living their full life. It’s time for this B.S. to change…. for us and the next generations of women! Helping women to Undiet Their Life since 2016.

by Stephanie Dodier Clinical Nutritionist CNP - 236 episodes

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