Plenty and Well Podcast

A space to remind you that while you’re striving to live and feel well, you are already plenty. You are already ENOUGH. Plenty and Well Podcast is a space that blends health, spirituality, mindfulness, mental health and self love to fully encapsulate mind, body, soul wellness. Hosted by Natalie Kelley, a wellness blogger, mindset coach, Instagrammer, spiritual junkie and a 20-something-year-old navigating life, love and everything in between with chronic illness. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2017, after years of battling anxiety, grief and an eating disorder, Natalie has seen her share of darkness in life, but chose to keep fighting and cultivating a joyful life. She now shares her wisdom and words, as well as the wisdom and words of her podcast guests, to show others that they are more than the darkness life has thrown at them and that living well can be messy, scary, beautiful, joyous, confusing and exciting all at once. Grab a journal, an oat milk latte and an open mind and enjoy the listen!

by Natalie Kelley - 27 episodes

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