Losing Weight to Gain Control

This podcast is meant to inspire you to begin or continue on your weight loss journey. If you've had enough of the yo-yo effect with your weight, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Gwen Alexander, she shares with you the steps she took to lose 70 pounds in a way she could sustain for a lifetime not a short time. It's what she calls "The Maintenance Mindset." She wants to help you to take action to take control of your weight and your life. Website: www.thegwenalexander.com Email: gwen@thegwenalexander.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thegwenalexander Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thegwenalexander Instagram: http://instagram.com/thegwen1685 Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for informational purposes only. The host of this podcast is not a medical doctor, nurse or health professional. You should talk to your doctor, nurse or health professional before you begin any weight loss/maintenance or exercise program.

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by Gwen Alexander - 132 episodes

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