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It’s time to crush the stigma around mental health. The truth is, most successful, ambitious people work on their mental health. Why? Because your mental health impacts everything you do: your relationships, your job, your parenting, your faith - even your physical health. If you want to meet your personal and professional goals while actually enjoying your life, it starts with learning to support your inner world, so you can be successful in the real world. Join Licensed Psychotherapist and Trauma & Anxiety Specialist Nicole Symcox as she discusses the power of living an emotionally healthy life full of authenticity, connection, and meaning. In this podcast, we’ll cover topics such as anxiety, perfectionism, parenting, trauma, boundaries, healthy relationships, and more. Visit to sign up to be notified when the latest episode drops. © 2019 Nicole Symcox, All rights reserved

by Nicole Symcox - 64 episodes

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