Living Fully Alive

LIVING FULLY ALIVE. A podcast from: Mary Hyatt Intuitive Living For The Modern Woman. I’m on a quest to help women start living fully alive. In my podcast, I’ll share real conversations and strategies for having more purpose, pleasure and passion in your body, mind, and soul. From body love, mindset, femininity, success, sexuality - I cover it all! In 2012 I was completely shut down, feeling lost, numb and freaked out. I was 75 pounds heavier than I am now, living out one of the darkest times in my life… and then something happened. A SPARK. An inner light began to flicker. I bravely stepped out of the shell of a woman I had become. I ordered 20+ books on Amazon and took myself to Mary-Come-Back-To-Your-Life-School. Fast forward 10 years later and now I am an entrepreneur, holistic personal life and mindset coach, Kundalini Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork teacher, and I’m empowering women all over the world to bravely step into their life and start living more fully alive! Join me every week as I bring mindset shifting ideas, inspiring conversations and thought provoking interviews so you can finally say, YOU ARE LIVING FULLY ALIVE.

by Mary Hyatt - 190 episodes

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