LISK: Long Island Serial Killer

The LISK (Long Island Serial Killer) investigation began in May 2010 with the disappearance of sex worker Shannan Gilbert. In the following months, Suffolk County Police uncovered human remains from nine more murders, including those of the "Gilgo 4", all sex workers whose bodies were disposed of similarly. After years of virtually no new developments, Suffolk County Police arrested Rex Heuermann in connection with the murder of at least 3 victims. DNA evidence, cellphone records and witness accounts of a Chevrolet Avalanche truck all led to police zeroing in on Heuermann. As prosecutors prepare for the upcoming trial, details and accounts of Heuermann's life and behavior continue to be uncovered. Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book "Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery", follow the series as it’s told through previously unheard interviews with family members, friends, police officers, government officials and others whose lives were touched by the gruesome murders. Hosted by Chris Mass.

by Mopac Audio & Glassbox Media - 347 episodes

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