Too Many Clothes and Nothing to Wear

Brought to you by Cladwell ( If you’re like most of us, you own entirely too many clothes. You probably have things you haven’t worn in years. And yet, when it comes time to dress up, we all say the same thing: “I’ve got nothing to wear!” How did we get here? Well, turns out, the problem isn’t our messy closets, it’s our messy relationship with clothes. Join Erin Flynn, CEO and founder of Cladwell, as she talks to experts in the industry, history, and psychology of fashion. We'll explore the economic and social roots of our obsession with buying, learn from people who've learned to do more with less, and figure out what all of us can do to break this clothes-buying, life-draining cycle we're all trapped in.

by Cladwell - 13 episodes

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