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The DC Studios Podcast (F.M.A. DC On HBO Max Podcast,) a product of DC TV Podcasts, is dedicated to the HBO Max shows Titans, Doom Patrol, Peacemaker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Justice League Dark, My Adventures With Superman, Val-Zod. The podcast will also cover the upcoming DC Studios shows Waller, Lanterns, Creature Commandos, Paradise Lost, and Booster Gold, as well as the movies Superman: Legacy, The Brave and the Bold, The Authority, Swamp Thing, and many more. "Titans," "Doom Patrol," "Peacemaker," "Harley Quinn," "Val Zod," "The Penguin," "Justice League Dark," "Green Lantern," "My Adventures With Superman," "Amanda Waller," "Booster Gold," "Wonder Woman," "Batman," "Superman" logos and images are trademarks of DC Comics and Warner Bros. The podcast is not sponsored by or affiliated with DC Comics, DC Studios, Warner Bros. Discovery, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. TV, or HBO Max.

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