Clash Of The Titles - a movie podcast!

CLASH OF THE TITLES sees two movies with something in common go head to head in a fight to the death! Well, not death. We just decide which one is better. Then kill the other! Or not. Every week Alex Zane, Vicky Crompton and Chris Tilly thrust a pair of films with a connection into the arena of combat – or, com-chat - with only one emerging as the winner! Remakes Vs Originals, Alien Rip Off Vs Alien Rip Off, Film with Talking Animal Vs Film with Talking Animal, Massive Ruddy Volcano Movie Vs Massive Ruddy Volcano Movie. It’s A Big Screen Battle Royale and you have front row seats! 

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

by Stak - 240 episodes

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