The Overlook Hour Podcast

The Overlook Theatre and Unnamed Footage Festival present The Overlook Hour Podcast! Join your hosts Clark Little (UFF Co-Founder, Ex-Standup, Brit Box Subscriber), Russell Fisher (UFF Co-Founder, The Overlook Theatre, D&D advocate), Randy Staat (Musician, Engineer, French New-Wave purist) and Oksana Osachiy (UFF Co-Founder, The Overlook Theatre, and Cat Enthusiast) for a weekly discussion and analysis of indie horror films with the occasional documentary, TV show, YouTube Video, dream, nightmare, bowel movement, etc... The Overlook Hour Podcast tricks very special guests from in and outside the industry to chat about a range of topics, so listeners get candid insight into some unique personalities that make the interesting films we so crave. The Overlook Hour Podcast is here to straddle the border of professionalism while creating discussion around interesting and important film that otherwise has none!

by The Overlook Theatre - 487 episodes

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