The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie

Meet Ang. She's here to help you own your weird, hack your health & start before you're ready. She's your energy dealer + your permission slip to START. This show is for the dreamer, the multi-passionate, the ADHD, the go-getter, the side-hustler, the entrepreneur, the ambitious. The woman who knows she's made for more, but maybe doesn't know what that is yet. Ready to take your health to the next level? Want to turn your passion into a business? Sick of boring business podcasts? Craving unstoppable ENERGY? How do you FOCUS with ADHD? As a wellness influencer, clean living enthusiast + serial entrepreneur, Angie covers it all. A college & corporate dropout, Angie gives you the tangible tools & hacks to crush it as an ambitious woman, find your purpose & optimize your health. What began as health blog in her college dorm room blossomed into an international brand that helps thousands of ambitious women.

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by Angie Lee - 266 episodes

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