Channel Junkies Podcast

Subscribe to the Channel Junkies YouTube Channel here: Fast track your YouTube Channel and get the #1 course right here The Channel Junkies Podcast is for real estate agents and lenders looking to have their phone ring every day with high quality clients! Stop cold calling, door knocking, and doing open houses and start getting content out to the #1 search engine platform in the world when it comes to people wanting to know about your city! We have created eight channels in eight states and close over $100milllion in 100% free organic YouTube content each year. We also partner with agents all around the world that would like to join us on our venture. If you think you have what it takes to work with us, schedule a zoom call This podcast will mirror our YouTube channel "Channel Junkies for Real Estate Agents with Jackson Wilkey" we built which is full of tips and tutorials on how to dominate with YouTube TODAY!

by Jackson Wilkey and Jesse Dau - 128 episodes

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