WEB8 holds conversations that weave inner and outer technology as a vehicle for your soul’s expression in the world. We explore entrepreneurship, creativity and ritual in the digital age. Welcome to the space where you weave a new world of soul led self expression, in a world of infinite possibility. May the frequencies you tap into on this podcast remind you that you are the weaver of your own reality, expressing soul through your humanity. May you be moved into peace, truth, joy, playfulness and inner knowing. May you have the courage to invite in synchronicity as an expression of God, and miracles as a natural side effect of being alive. Synchronicity brought you here because you're ready, and deep inside your soul knows why. I am your host Ksenia Brief and my intention is to activate ripples of courage for you to share your own voice and medicine with the world. I’m here to hold space of curiosity, play and unwavering trust as we dive between the physical, the digital and the unseen realms. I invite you to listen to the whispers. Releasing enoughness, receiving aliveness. With every breath, every thought and every word, creating a new world. A world where you are free to share your unique medicine. A world where we tell a new story of creating, connecting and sharing. A world where you show up from the truth of who you really are.

by Ksenia Brief - 247 episodes

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