Welcome to DUCKit! An unapologetic show brought to you by DUCKLIFE. Hosts Christian Eid and Steven Worobec talk to some of the regions most loved artists, thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody worth listening to. A platform to share inspiring stories and ask questions that might lead some to ‘DUCK’ and deviate. Straight up raw, and sometimes a little over the edge. We keep our talk real and tackle some of the most pressing challenges and innovations that our guests face today. We find out how they got to where they are, where they think the industry is going, what rules they broke along the way and what they respect the most and least. Tune in to get to know the real people behind the industry and be part of the unfiltered conversation around the role of brands when it comes to their influence in society, equality, refugees and climate change. Expect dance breaks, swearing and points of view that might conflict with your own. But don’t just take our ducking word for it. Subscribe and be part of the conversation. PEACE!