Full Cast And Crew

FULL CAST & CREW is a funny, informative, and sometimes surprising movie podcast. Hosted by Jason Cilo, a TV producer and production executive, each episode features a wealth of amazing and entertaining behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the movies that formed us. Each week, Jason talks to someone he loves about the movies they love. Regular segments include the Columbo Cinematic Universe, which proves that every movie or TV series is just one more thing separated from the rumpled and beloved Lieutenant, and Latch Key TV, where Jason’s guests share some of the formative TV shows from their youth. Theme songs, great movie clips, wide-ranging conversations, and never a part of the podcast-industrial complex (NO ADS). Listen to one, download them all. Or download them all and listen to one; we’re not here to tell you what to do. Except listen. Produced by the people behind @paranormaloncam, @theweekintrump, @worldsdumbest, and @chucklercomedy. New episodes every Thursday.