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The ONLY Amazon seller podcast that features 100's of RECENT, REAL stories and strategies for Amazon FBA sellers around the world! Welcome to the most listened to and success filled Amazon seller podcast on the web! This is the official podcast of the course. Inside the free 74,000+ member Facebook group for fans of the show ( has a link) you'll MEET and INTERACT with an amazing community that uses the strategies taught on this show to grow incredible businesses. This show features "real people" from all walks of life who pull back the curtain on the struggles, victories and strategies that come with WORKING HARD to build a beautiful business online. Nothing worth having comes easy, but prepare to be inspired by those who are charting a course towards building an amazing business online. The hundreds of featured guests on the show are students as well as some of the 7,000+ coaching students from our Ecommerce coaching program that's been operating with a great reputation since 2003. The host, Jim Cockrum ( has had a reputation as one of the most credible sources of eCommerce strategy advice to be found since 1999. Bottom line: Regardless of experience level, you'll learn proven online business strategies on this show and become an Amazon selling NINJA! This show applies timeless, proven strategies to modern eCommerce challenges. This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. With over 4.3 million downloads on iTunes heading into 2023, you've found the right place to launch and grow the online business of your dreams. NOTE: This show and related content are not related to or endorsed by, nor are the success stories you'll hear representative of typical or average results you can expect. Results discussed are provided for demonstration of what is possible, but are not intended to imply that you'll achieve similar results or any results.

by Jim Cockrum - 793 episodes

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