Successful Nonprofits Podcast

With over half-a-million downloads, the Successful Nonprofits Podcast shares insights, tools, and tips to help you and your nonprofit thrive. Our incredible content is the reason we're ranked in the top 2% of podcasts globally. Each week, Dolph interviews nonprofit experts and leaders who share their experiences and wisdom on a wide range of topics relevant to the nonprofit sector. From fundraising and board development to leadership and strategic planning, and more! We also offer shorter Bonus Break episodes you can listen to while taking a tea break – and get the added bonus of making you and your nonprofit stronger. These Bonus Breaks are solo episodes, where Dolph shares hard-learned (sometimes painfully learned) lessons from his 3 decades in the sector. And he often create worksheets and templates that accompany the bonus breaks. The podcast is hosted by Dolph Goldenburg, a consultant, coach, and confidant to nonprofit leaders across the nation.

by The Goldenburg Group, LLC - 572 episodes

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