Cracked Interviews [Tennis Podcast]

"Cracked Interviews" is a podcast that delves into the world of tennis, featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport. From top players and coaches to brand leaders and analysts, this podcast offers an inside look at the lives and careers of those who shape the game. Join host and tennis enthusiast Alex Gruskin as he sits down with some of the biggest names in tennis for in-depth conversations about their careers, the state of the game, and more! Whether you're a hardcore tennis fan or just looking to learn more about the sport, "Cracked Interviews" is the perfect podcast for you. Tune in and get ready to be entertained and educated about the world of tennis. ______________ This podcast is brought to you by: Tourna We are excited to partner with Tourna Tennis once again to share an exciting, longer lasting version of Tourna Grip, which Tourna has spent the last six years researching and developing their latest grip innovation: Tourna Tuff including: -same gold standard sweat absorption as Tourna Grip -same dry feel -same trademarked blue color -still gets tackier when you sweat PLUS new features: -If you didn’t like the original Tourna Grip for its durability, try Tourna Tuff. -Stop blowing on your hands between every point and use a grip that absorbs your sweat! -Stop wiping your hand on your shirt, shorts, and towel constantly and get a grip that actually absorbs sweat! Plain and simple = Cracked Fans use Tourna Tuff.

by Cracked Racquets/Tennis Channel Podcast Network - 1379 episodes

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