the ONION Peel

The Onion Peel is about authenticity. It's about being unapologetically real in the struggles that walking this earth produces. It's about how being honest in our pain can bring about joy in our journey. Let's face it, even though we try to put our best foot forward, we often still get the rug pulled out from underneath us. BUT, it's in those moments of confusion, heartache and setback that we must choose to seek out hope. Without it, we die....either mentally, emotionally or even physically. Hi, I'm Angela McConnell and I'm your host. I'm a middle aged mom of 5 with a dead husband and I've been through some sh*t in my life. I'm a a seasoned Christian, but I'm not here to be politically correct or give canned spiritual answers. I'm here to be real. No skirting around. No politely addressing. Just real, raw and honest. Through my trials, I've discovered how much life is like an onion; it stinks and makes us cry, but the flavor it brings is priceless. So join me for a listen, as we peel through this onion and find HOPE in the tears.

by Angela McConnell - 73 episodes

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