Imogen and Harrison Predict the Future

Never before has one known the true depths of cluelessness as these two bumbling idiots attempt to make sense of the divine mystique without someone accidentally cursing their families or something. This stuff can come with kinda ominous warnings. Have you seen thatOuija movie? It wasn’t very good, but hoo boy, it has got me worried. Imagine if that happened to us on an episode one day? Ha,ha, man that would be wild. You wouldn’t even be able to tell because it would all be audio! You’d just hear us screaming and being haunted and all that. Who would have even uploaded the audio? Spooky! Anyway. Join our neophyte foretellers as they explore the wide range of different ways these walking apes we call humans have tried to predict what will happen to them tomorrow from Miley Cyrus to Mesopotamia.

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by That's Not Canon Productions - 16 episodes

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