The Way We Live Now

“The Way We Live Now” is a new daily show hosted by Dani Shapiro, in which she has a searching, intimate conversation with an assortment of guests from every walk of life and corner of the globe. How do we live now, when we’re all isolated in our own homes? We can’t gather. We can’t hold each other close. We can’t break bread. Whether we’re alone or with our families, our routines have been upended. What’s that like? We’re longing for connection, and to know how it is inside each other’s lives. Dani will speak with a NYC nurse, a senator, a teacher, a movie star, a chef with a small restaurant who cooks take-out each day, a college student who won’t wear a cap and gown, a high school student stuck at home with her parents, a patient undergoing cancer treatment, a postmistress, a university president, a rabbi, a minister, a yoga teacher, a meditation expert, and so many more. Every one of us is navigating our lives in our own way, and a rich tapestry of voices will be a comfort and a source of connection, in just fifteen minutes a day.

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