The Whisky Advisor

The Water of Life, The Golden Spirit, Uisce Beatha – whisky has been called by many different names through the ages. Loved by poets and Kings alike, whisky (or whiskey) isn’t a spirit that you simply drink but rather, something that you savour and cherish. Join your host, Uday Balaji aka “The Whisky Advisor” as he takes you on an enthralling journey with some of the world’s finest whiskies. On the show, you’ll get to learn about the history & nuances of some of the most well-known whisky brands. You’ll also be privy to whisky tasting sessions which will help you truly appreciate what makes each whisky brand unique. Each episode showcases a delightful array of whisky tales, experiences, flavours and facts. A special Q&A will also answer any questions you, the listener have about whisky. Tune in to The Whisky Advisor – a show for the discerning whisky drinker.

by AudioHop Podcasts - 24 episodes

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