The Cian & Emily Show

It’s difficult to maintain a relationship when your boyfriend is pretending to be you, right?

Join Cian Twomey and Emily Rochford, long-time members of the social media generation, as they dive right into why many couples fight about issues including money, stress, other people, how to raise children, how to spend their free time.

But, more often than not the real issues are: did my boyfriend steal my cream contour palette for one of his videos? Why doesn’t he ever call the restaurant to say they’ve forgotten the dips? And the classic “who is Julie and why is she liking your Instagram picture?"

Expect some fun, lighthearted chats with some well known characters who’ve graced the Facebook videos over the years. Buckle up for some horrifying serial killer stories and get comfortable to have a little giggle on your own with The Cian & Emily Show! 

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