Drag Time with Heklina

Heklina is the creator, promoter, and hostess of the legendary Trannyshack! and Mother drag shows. She is an actor, drag star, performance artist and you may have seen her on the E! Entertainment Network, NBC’s “Trauma”, Margaret Cho's “The Cho Show”, VH1's “Playing it Straight”, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, BBC Television’s “Around the World in 80 Raves”, the Scissor Sister’s “Filthy Gorgeous” music video, and as a guest on the Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake show. Drag Time with Heklina features a special guest on every episode to discuss drag culture, performance arts, sexual escapades, travel, generation gaps, political correctness & cancel culture, and events around the world. We talk about the state of drag, film & television, music, porn, sex & drug addiction, sex work/workers, homelessness & displacement, meme critiques, and just generally living the creative life!

by Heklina and Don Draper Davenport - 55 episodes

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