The SAP - Comedians Talk Motivation, Dating and Relationships

Sex Actually is a hilarious podcast discussing modern relationships. We dive into topics that are relevant to dating for today's generation. Dating apps like tinder and bumble, one night stands, ghosting, the friend zone, codependency, neediness and much more. The host, Dave Neal, is a stand up comedian and hopeless romantic. He interviews other comedians, self help guru's & dating coaches. The conversations are funny, sometimes dark, and very honest. Need help with dating & sex? Or just want some new friends to shoot the shit with? We got you covered. Past comics from HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, Roast Battle, Corinne Fischer & Krystyna Hutchinson from 'Guys We F*cked', Nikki Glaser, Brian Moses, Bobby Lee, Akilah Hughes, Andie Bolt from Bunker Buddies, Matthew Broussard, Erica Rhodes and more!

by Dave Neal and Tasha Courtney - 831 episodes

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