Dating Diaries: Questions and Confessions

Dating Diaries: Questions & Confessions unpacks the complexities and experiences of dating in today’s new normal. Singles and couples share their dating, relationship, and love stories. And the stories are from all over – a man who traveled from Nantucket to Columbia to find love, a woman who is convinced she had sex with an alien, a mid-twenties divorcé who is trying to get back out there after heartbreak, a couple that lived two doors down and ended up sheltering in place together for good, and a man who was so concerned he gave his partner COVID, only to find out that he was infected…with a venereal disease. We’re here for all of it. 

Dating Diaries: Questions & Confessions is hosted by your new best friends, Dre and Ben. Join them for new episodes weekly. 

by Glass Entertainment | Wondery - 130 episodes

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