How Men Think

There's good news for anyone that is confused by men, which is basically everyone ---- the 'How Men Think' podcast has returned! 'How Men Think' was always about helping women understand the things that men do and say, that just don't make sense to us. Since the beginning, the mission has been the same...a constant search for answers to your questions about relationships, dating, marriage, divorce, breakups, hookups, love, sex, family, fatherhood, and why men do -- the things men do! Now, with the addition of Executive Producer Paris Hilton at the helm...there won't be any sugar-coating, no beating around the bush...and best of all, absolutely NO mansplaining! The new and improved HMT podcast will deliver the cold, hard, ugly truth to women -- because like it or not...we need to hear it.   But as much as we like to think all men are the same, they're actually very different -- (Frustrating isn't it?!) That's why, each week a celebrity guest-host will take over the show and give honest advice in his area of expertise. And best of all, we're cutting out the middleman and opening up the phone lines -- directly to you! Ladies, this podcast has everything you need to better understand men....because let's face it, they're too confusing to figure out on our own. From Producers Paris Hilton, London Audio, and iHeartRadio