You're Such a Catch

Are you ready to create your dream life? Maybe you're in search of your Prince(ss) Charming, or perhaps you've found your special someone and want to keep the spark alive, or possibly you're uber focused on being the best version of yourself. Welcome to You're Such a Catch podcast, where your host, Erin Ramsey, chats about dating and relationships, women empowerment, and manifestation. The podcast documents Erin's personal journey post-divorce and her mission to crack the code to dating in the 21st century. She tests online dating apps, interviews dating and relationship experts, and volunteers as tribute trying anything and everything to find her "unicorn." Spoiler alert, while on this journey, she learns the key to manifesting love starts from within by "baiting the hook" with self-love. Her mission is to encourage others to look inward and embrace self-love. Podcast episodes vary from diary-esque stories from Erin's life to tangible relationship advice that can be utilized regardless of your relationship status. Erin offers tips and tricks to feel confident, worthy, and secure at whatever stage of life you're in, reminding you that You're Such a Catch. Whether you're in the mood for girl talk, in need of empathy, or in search of a reminder that you're not alone, Erin's got you. She's also always good for a laugh and maybe even a snort or two. If you enjoy this show, please consider leaving a rate or review. This helps Erin share her message and her mission with others just like you. After listening, if you feel like "It's a Match" and want to take your relationship with Erin and You're Such a Catch to the next level, feel free to connect with her outside of the podcast realm. Instagram|Facebook|Twitter: @youresuchacatch YSC Unfiltered: Website:

by Erin Ramsey - 120 episodes

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