Hungry for More

Hosted by Lauren Sheehey, Hungry for More is a space to explore the aches and pangs you are hardwired to ignore. Here, you can tap into your desires for connection, understanding, and truth; for honest conversations about honestly real, hard, beautiful topics. This podcast illuminates the paths and possibilities for a bigger, fuller, truer life. When the world is urging you to keep something hidden, you have to take what’s heavy and run into the light. As someone who is deeply devoted to endlessly freeing herself, Lauren shines a light on what it means to live with, work through, and recover from an eating disorder. If you are navigating a “mind-field," relearning to trust your body, or just feeling that there’s so much more to this experience than what you're settling for, then you’re in the right place. Join her, every Tuesday, as she interviews doctors, therapists, and real people in real process. Together, you will dive into mental health, physical wellness, spirituality, and riding the proverbial roller coaster of high’s and low’s with grace, vulnerability, and some laughter. You will learn how to satiate your hunger for more.

by Lauren Sheehey - 57 episodes

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